Sunday, December 02, 2007

Attorney to David Hagen, "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Thats right, in a stunning filing the attorney's for David Hagen have fired their client. Citing "conflicts" they have sought to be removed from his case. "Conflicts" is classic lawyer speak for either a client who is total uncooperative, or, who is about to get on the stand and lie like the stinking dog that David Hagen is. My bet is on the the latter.

David, in a continuing show of chutzpah, most probably wanted a trial and was going to tell "his side" of the story. His attorney's, having reviewed all of the governments evidence knew that whatever David was going to say was another in his long list of bald faced lies. But attorney's are prevented from putting anyone on the stand that they know is going to commit perjury. Hence, "YOU'RE FIRED" to David.

Not too surprising that his attorney's had David on a short leash. This is the same law firm that David racked up over $200K in legal fees (defending himself against Rick Stefanik, among all the other civil suits... all documented here in this blog) that he not only didn't pay, but cost his then lawyer a place in the firm.

Originally a "plea hearing" was scheduled for 12/5. But, with his attorney's now gone like all the investors, partners, employees, friends and family's money, the hearing has been "continued" to a (as yet unannounced) future date. Until then, note that David Hagen is going to be spending a Christmas in jail. Enjoying the festive atmosphere in jail, and celebrating with dance, song, merriment and joy.

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