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In a quick (and hopefully painful) summary court hearing Friday, David Hagen was remanded to custody without bail.

First step in the long long long jail time for David Allen DeFusco Hagen. He's in jail where he belongs and is not getting out anytime soon.

Remember this is exactly how they flipped Howell Woltz (now serving 87 months in federal detention) and got him to divulge information on his co-conspirators.

Next up... ED OVSENIK, IVAN IVANOV, MARK BRECHER, ANNETTE HAGEN, KERI KEENAN-HAGEN, CURTIS GARTH and others. Now that David (and his new jail girlfriend Bubba) is in custody, you can bet the "singing" has begun.

Who wants to bet David drops a dime on EVERYONE associated with this SCAM.?All the Yadio guys, all the CFO's, consultants, CEO's and more. Those guys all knew what was going on and SAID NOTHING about it.

Key words: David Hagen, Arrest, SCAM, loser, jail-house bitch, conspirator, felon


Anonymous Anonymous said...

betcha hagen doesn't sing like brady

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all right, let me get this straight. David Hagen is the only one (so far, according to you) that is directly involved with the whole Gatelinx, GTXC, VSTC scam who has been busted? You're telling me that no one else has even been sniffed at?

What about:
Bradford W. Isom (the CEO for about 2 weeks)
Len A. Green (Yadio guy, CFO and President)
Robert Von Briesen (CFO)
Christpher McKittrick and Nicholas Williams (consultants and the "new finance team")

along with:
Curtis Garth (CEO of GTXC AND SMS Prayer)
Ivan Ivanov (CTO, consultant)
Mark Brecher(secretary and board member)
Ed Ovsenik (president, general counsel and board member of GTXC/VSTC and SMS Prayer)

You've got no documents on these guys? What have the feds (and you) been doing? Aren't all these guys ripe for picking off too? They had "fiduciary" responsibilities.

David was an easy fish to shoot. Stupid and overly proud of his ability to scam things, it was just a matter of time before he fucked up. You didn't do anything really.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I can gather and in my opinion…

Everyone has to keep in mind that the current focus of the feds is the health item scam. They haven’t even really begun to address the GTX issues yet (based on local news reports and documents). Once that kicks in then the players mentioned will begin to be pulled in and everyone’s work here in addition to folks like Richard’s work and diligence will become more and more relevant.

Its analogous to an assault/murder charge i.e. grab and hold him on the low-hanging-fruit (easy/obvious) charges (lots of corroboration with the health company scammers) then build/roll into the ‘big’ charge. It buys the prosecutors lots of time to work through all of the intricacies of the GTX scam which by all accounts was far more devastating to the public and seems to involve even more players than the health company scam. The health scam had lots of ‘suspicious’ players on the grid for so long that it was almost handed to the investigators ‘as is’ whereas the GTX scam has lots of people involved who didn’t necessarily have a ‘history’ (in other words if you watch someone like Jeremy or Howell long enough they’ll screw up and when you see these guys ‘grouping up’ there’s a pretty good chance that something illegal is in play).

It seems as if David flattened his learning curve regarding stock scams with the health company and then broke out on his own with the GTX scam and involved people who had no clue as to what (exactly) they were getting into. THEN, good old greed kicked in (with the new players).

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oddly enough the paper you have printed here shows that Hagen consented to his continued detention. The obvious question is...why? Some possibilities: His lawyer explained to him that he didn't have a prayer of getting out and is the very definition of a flight risk; He is playing the "I'm scared and it wasn't me" card, saying that the real criminals will get him if he getsut; maybe he's just building time to the upcoming certain prison sentence; maybe he thinks he's more accessable to prosecutors in custody and his cooperation will be more appreciated if he gives it while in jail. Whatever the answer those of us who know Hagen know that he will blame everyone but himself and do everything he can to lay the scam off on an innocent bystander.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get this one GTX. Thought we "fried fish" not shoot them. Probably one of the other Vulgarians.Oh well....so he says:

"David was an easy fish to shoot. Stupid and overly proud of his ability to scam things, it was just a matter of time before he fucked up. You didn't do anything really."

Boy oh Boy!!!!!
Jeez, another Prima Donna!. So where have you been, dipshit? Try reading this Blog from the beginning, bonehead. And then tell our waiting "Eyes"... What the fuck did you do? What Fed or State agent did you talk to. How many contacts with the "Gang"? ALL of whom hae been named somewhere in the history of this expose.And who are you Anony-MOUSE!! I am sure the Feds/State just can't wait to bring you up to date!! Idiot.

BTW, the document DOES NOT show consent to a "No Bail". It means he acknowledges the procedure and the Constitutionality--as in Civil Right(s)-- of it.

Richard Bennett

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The paper says "Defendant consents to detention and reserves right to hearing at later date."

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeez, another one who reads only what he/she wants to "find".
'....In accordance with the Bail Reform Act, 18 USC sub-section 3142(f), a detention hearing has been held. I conclude that the following fact require the detention of the defendant pending trial in this case.'

First line in the remand. Duh! Hagen could have called Mother Teresa and it would still be the same. He consents as he has no alternative based upon the finding. Objecting would be foolhardy at this time.

BTW:... in Law and as matter of Juris Prudence, ANY Defendant, except in Capital cases in some jurisdictions where NO BAIL is Statutory, may--not SHALL- request Bail hearings OR reduction in Bail if circumstances warrant such. Such hearing SHALL be held within a reasonable time setting and based upon the Rules of Criminal Procedure and LOcal Rules if applicable. (And as Hagen is a flight risk Bail, if granted, would be.......?)WAY HIGH!!!

Richard Bennett MD PhD

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imagine if this guy was your f-ing doctor?

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just as a matter of fact: I don't have "Imaginary" patient/clients, so only someone like you could "imagine". (Another Anony-MOUSE) But imagine this, if your pea-brain can think beyond your "Shit for brains' disrespect --if that s what your intent is in this post -- I give my time AND effort to this type of scam(s) as I would chase a charlatan bastard in the Medical arena that would hurt any human being--even you!! Had you ANY respect for the/my credential(s)in itself, which you obviously don't, I would bet your Primary Physician just REALLY appreciats you and anxiously awaits treating you.......in some hut in some third world country!

Regardless--probably to big a word for you to understand--at least post what information you may have that could/would be fruitful to this site and its pursuits. But, in my not so professional manner....FUCK YOU!!!

Richard Bennett MD PhD

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just ran a search on Pacer--no new filings since Hagen decided to stay in the cozy confines of the Charlotte jail...anyone find it a little odd that there has been -0- activity in almost a month on the case?

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hagen is singing like Barry Manilow. That's why it's so quiet. You don't think Brecher and especially Ovsenik and Garth and Ivanov aren't worried? Those bastards were in this deal and dirty from the beginning. remember Ed's Wall Street Reporter interview? He made all kinds of claims (nice job ex-gtx documenting them) that he's gonna go down for. Hagen will take anyone and everyone with him.

9:44 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

I'm not sure about Barry Manilow, but my bet is that you're right about everything else. Interesting to note (cause I track everything) is that SQLminds.com hasn't changed in months. They still have the "price promotion" from early on that says prices are good till April 30th. No new "testimonials", no new support forum comments, no announcements, blog posts, sales efforts or more... of any kind.

Plus, Ed Ovsenik, Mark Brecher, Curtis Garth and the rest of Ivan Ivanov's empire (Data Consulting Group, SQLMinds, etc) have shown no visibility anywhere.

I'll keep an eye out (RSS feeds and more track them every day) but right now my bet is that they (the so far "unindicted" co-conspirators) are already getting their attorney's on-line and trying to get their stories together.

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Jack, anonymous & Richard,

All of you seem to have so much time on your hands and as someone who is VP of sales and marketing for Naymz of San Francisco Bay and an EX GTX employee, along with a highly respected MD in Genetics, why are all of u wasting your time on this man and this scam?

Trying to conclude what is fact from a few newspaper articles and legal docs. that are public information, along with much hearsay is a MAJOR waste of time and comical to read at best. The Feds are only letting you see and hear what they want you to. The true facts will never be revealed until they get all their indictments and then you can have your laugh at others expense.

I know more than all of your bloggers combined....
Such jabbering like old ladies - Is this just something to pass your time or like you jack, an ego trip because David fired you long ago and your still mad? What a huge effort to create and maintain a blog for such a length of time-for what? When will your objective be met? What will you do when this case is over and you have nothing else to write about, will you move on to the pedophile that works in your office?

Let it go people-there are much more worth while things to do with your time-like save peoples lives and contribute positively to society-do not assume you know what David's lawyer said to him or who is next in line that had fiduciary responsibilities or their involvement. None of these people and events concern you. Jack, you are very lucky someone with the right connections has not shut down your blog site-it is not very difficult to do.

Reading these falsehoods for months on what all of you "think" you know is amusing I will say, but again this is not for the better of mankind but for such egos to bicker back and forth with so called knowledge of the law and events.

This is a Federal investigation and these sites are monitored, they look for such ignorance and commentary so they know where to steer their information. They want to keep u guessing and will never reveal a 4 year investigation to a bunch of bloggers-EX GTX or not.......


local news reports and documents)

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To whomever posted identifying as either part of this blog. And probably the same person who sent a note to a Naymz profile I have.

While I have been aware of this blog for some time. Have laughed at some of the comments and postings. And, more than anything, taken some joy in David Hagen finally being behind bars. I am not contributing to this blog.

A note to ex-gtx. Most of what you write is interesting. Some of it is close to the truth. Much of it is very incomplete.

And, to whomever thinks they can post a blog about me, at least get your facts straight.


4:53 PM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Oh man, I don't know what's worse, the pathetic posting by one of hagen's kids. Derek, when the fed's uncover all the money squirrled away by your dad and the false labor records for the "work" you were doing at Gatelinx we'll see what's what.

Or Jack Irving coming out of the woodwork. Hey, if this blog is so "incomplete" why don't you let us know what we don't have? Been pretty friggin accurate so far, eh? You wren't shit back at Gatelinx and did nothing but help Hagen so don't start in now like you all about being honest. Weren't then, aren't now.

Pathetic, both of you.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just back to the USA!
Finally, I find a post that isn't worth a comment nor retort. But then again, what is there to expect from a defender of the pig David Hagen? Nothing more--nor less--than a grunt! Just can't help myself!-:)

Anonymously yours,

Richard Bennett

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people really have no clue-the main focus for the FEDS is NOT the health care scam-where do you come up with this shit?

Stop making such absurd assumptions people....MOST of this blog is not accurate. None of you know what's accurate. The only thing that is accurate is what has been released in the documents that Jack has effortlessly taken off the web-ooh that takes skill.

Strange coincidence that there are 2 Jack Irvings in San Fran, one of which worked for David Hagen and has created this BLOG-eh??

It's really amusing to see a bunch of half- wits who like to quote things from legal terminology and think they know this case-get a purpose people, go back to your empty lives-oh ya this is your pathetic existence.....

3:18 PM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Hey, pisswad. There is nothing in here about the healthcare scam. And I defy you to produce anything that controverts the info in this blog.

Also, I'm not about to let you give credit for this blog (and all the efforts to nab that motherfucker Hagen, his family, his co-conspirators) to Irving or anyone else. I DID IT, Not anyone else. (except for all the contributions from others)

Produce anything... or shut the hell up.

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EXGTX, now I know where this one came from and respond to the half-wit comment. Awwwwww and an
Oh well, guess being a half-wit= Half an MD and half of a PhD--and cut my 1037 articles in Genetics and Behavior in half-delivering LIVE children--and guess what I come up with? The first Placenta I thought went to the research lab managed to develop into something!! Shit for brains trying to resemble a human!! Get lost or I just might try to find what Lab I sent you to before you became a Hagen!! Or whatever you are.

Anonymously yours,

Richard Bennett

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW, looks like I hit a nerve in both of you.

Look I dont really care about hearing your PHD "Credentials", which you seem to always be singing in defense. The fact remains and will remain, none of you really know shit about the case and will never have any real information from me or other wise until the case is over. I do not need to "produce" as you say, because I know the real facts-I do not need to create them, or create a broadcasting portal for the world and my ego. Who's the real pisswad -look in the mirror. What are you 8? Grow up.

My only reason for contributing to such a rediculous discussion was to inform you that your collusion in a nonsensical and ignorant blog is pointless-and figure out what it is all of you get out of it?

I see now after a few back-n-forth tactless transmitions that this is a major waste of my time and that you bloodsuckers will continue to waste your time and effort with such stupidity. Have fun people, hope your lives are enriched by such animosity....

12:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess we'll see at sentencing. Whether it be plea-bargain or Guilty finding after Trial.

And, by the way, I've said before that SOMEONE has to be identified with this site. A name, a credential, unwavering, AND also a victim. I can always be called or Emailed. CAN YOU-- as you write from your personal jail cell? How much have you lost--or ripped off?
Never-the-less, who you are is only important to you. WE know who, what, when, and where. By the way, you might look at www.Citronresearch.com--formally Stocklemon.com. Seems everybody but you are off base. And Hagen was arrested for being a "Great Guy". I'll also bet you believe in the Tooth Fairy and that the Holocost was a hoax. So put up or shut up. And look for me, I'll bee wearing a name-tag at ANY major hearing to do with Hagen, Et,AL. Get it now, coward?

Richard Bennett MD PhD

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Richard Bennett MD PhD
I've enjoyed reading all the posts.


I did searches to see who you might be, google / myway / ask / jeeves / yahoo / etc... and found nothing. Went to all the medical sites and did a search - 0 for genetics / pediatrics.

How does such an educated person like yourself get scammed so badly? Obviously it isn't due to some "mail in $140 rebate" but something larger.. what was it? Are you in NC? At UNC? or at UCLA? (UNC would be my 1st guess, because what would make the Hagens move and setup shop in NC...unless it was a large investor in their business. Or are you in California, related to Dave's brother - who's in satellites - and Dave Hagan met you there, scammed you and then moved to the other side of the USA to get away from you?) You mentioned writing a lot of medical articles (under what name? Nothing shows up with a google of your name). WHAT was the promise they made to you? (It had to be BIG, because you are the most eloquent writer in this blogg.)

Curtis Garth - not the mastermind anyone should give any credit to about anything. A pompous ass probably selling Richard Bennett MD PhD a "like NEW used car with low miles only driven on Sundays to church"

Keith Diggs - a 'legit' pastor at one of those never heard of ministries. IQ maybe that of a small child.

David Madrid - Ex-friend of Hagen, (actually introduced Dave and Annette to each other years ago) Now GM of DirectSatTv in Southern Pines. Again, not a mastermind of much.

Richard (or Peter?) Baldelli - Owner of Travel Resorts of America / DirectSatTv and one time investor in PrimeTV / Gatelinx. (he should be posting on here - if he isn't already, there's a guy who should know all about the Hagens)

Annette Hagen aka Louise Brown- t.r.a.m.p. - I'll elaborate on her - If you stole/scammed $90 million, wouldn't you at the very least buy your mom a nice car? ((A mother btw who left her 2nd or 3rd husband the moment she heard he was diagnosed with cancer...disgusting behavior runs in the family I guess))

The Hagen Kids - abominations that should have been aborted before birth. All one needs to do is look at thier role models to explain.

And yes, I'll post as anonymous in case I need a good Phd/MD in the future! lol

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Steven" Baldelli is the Travel Resorts and DirecsatTV owner along with his business partner "Richard" Craven. Craven didn't know the Hagens or have anthing to do with them. I believe he is a retired lawyer who partnered up with Baldeli when Baldelli got back into the satellite business after leaving Hagen. Baldeli was a former partner of Hagens who was smart ebough to get away.

4:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


great story on David Madrid

4:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Want another fun one on Madrid....


4:25 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

While it is always interesting to hear of new threads and co-conspirators, we believe these recent comments about David Madrid and others to be a red herring. Investors, and now creditors and interested parties, beware.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you believe this guy? His Google must be linked to a Mattel site and the rest to his Atari play station. ANYONE who would Web search me would find me faster than their neighbor. But again, a pig like you only grunts. YOU cannot change the focus of this site. Those who know, know. And again, WHO gets ripped off doesn't need to identify with the Con who rips off as you suggest. So go back to your Atari pong game, Bozo. You are trumped by all who visit here. Hopefully, SEE YOU IN COURT! And if you have any resources other than your Atari, DID you go to Stocklemon? And I see that you have somewhat changed the theme of you first posts, even tho' I believe that YOU HAVE NOT RESEARCHED ALL OF THE PAST entries, you are still a "hero" in your own eyes. But I believe a "ZERO" in all who know you. I defer to the Court and its ability to disect you and yours and all that you bring. Your offerings are little "pidgeons" at at Thanksgiving dinner. Your Mental Health Professional can Email or call me. Then we'll see. Right?

Richard Bennett MD PhD

BTW. Best to you DD and all of you real hero's who have contributed to this pursuit and will relish in the end of the Hagen et, al era or (Error)? Happy Thanksgiving

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please answer thr Tooth Fairy and Holocost question(s). Really don't worry about the Mental Professional question as it it Sunday and as a matter of protocol we know that week-end passes for patients/sociopaths by Order of the Court end at 1800 hours. And should you decide to renew your medications, you should request a follow-up with that HCP. You REALLY do need something. LOL

Richard Bennett MD PhD
by and through his Son
Devon Bennett MD

Hello DD. Where is the Boonesferry?
The Holiday season is upon us. Wonder if David etal will have REAL Turkey for their next ten years or so?


12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don’t hold or waste your breath Bennet, you’re dealing with a hagen defender who will rot morally if not literally.

I’ve spent far too much energy typing those first 20 words than he/she/it is worth. “Its” disregard and obvious distain and classification of those of us who have no PHD however did (seemingly) all the right things and were bent over is a sufficient indicator of ‘its’ profile.

Elitist, self centered, pathological liar with sociopathic tendencies (hence complete disregard for the pain and suffering of others), arrogant trash. ‘Its’ a real winner and probably paranoid since ‘It’ more than likely received and benefited from this (toilet paper) stock.

Save your valuable energy and focus. Disregard this pimple on hagen’s anus.

* hagen spelled with all lowercase intentionally. hagen is a verb now i.e. “I’m gonna hagen that farm animal”

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NOW that is about as eloquent as it gets! Yes, certainly a waste of time often enough and the "its" that appear are certainly as you so 'Professionally' describe Especially this one. You have more than a PhD, my friend, you have class. And that is as good as it gets.


10:09 AM  
Anonymous John said...

Looking back at past entries, I'm confused (not hard to do). I thought this was all about the people that lost money investing in the software hagen was peddling. He pitched to alot of people, and it worked (90% of the time), but the things he would say sometimes were really stretching the truth.

When hagen said that GTX was going public and had a stock ticker, that scared me. Cuz I knew his salesman ignorance and stretching the truth would exaggerate the value of the software. It was good and worked, but when he said that my spidey sense started tingling and flashes of an SEC investigation falshed before my eyes (not that I know what one of those looks like, but I knew it couldn't be a good thing). That's when I got a new job.

Did I call the feds? No, the software worked (that's all I saw of the company other than the satellite call center), but going public just sounded like a really bad idea. I mean tell the feds what? "Hey this sales guy idoit is gonna go public with a company and start selling stock. yeah, the software works as well as any other buggy crap on a Best Buy shelf, but he's probably gonna hype up the value of the company more than it's really worth." That would have been speculation on my part. 100% accurate speculation, but still not something the feds would jump on and start locking people up for. If the feds even do that... I guess they do, they grabbed hagen at the airport in NY, so they must. :)


6:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow this has been an interesting read. I'm a former employee from the 2002-2004 years. Worked from the start of DishTVNow - went to TRA for Madrid after awhile, then back to GTX.

What a roller coaster that time of my life was - guess that's why I still like researching the goings on and hearing what other former employees have to say.

I guess my only point is that every single one of us knew that something was fishy there from the start. Maybe we didn't all know all the details - maybe we did in fact know more than we care to ever share - but anyone with half a brain knew that things were "unusual" to say the least.

There is no way on earth you can make the money we did for the amount of "work" we did.

Still I look back fondly on those years.

I'm sorry to anyone here who got burned - I guess all I would say to you now is...

Thank you for your donation. ;-)

The Christmas party of 2002 - or maybe it was 2003 was definitely a highlight for me.

Made many good friends there - though I wouldn't count the Hagen's or Madrid amongst them.

I guess I'm just saying that if you are truly a former employee - you should be thankful for the money you made during that time and the great adventures we all had.

Hagen may have ripped a ton of people off and made tons of cash doing it, but one thing I have to give him credit for - is he always shared by rewarding his staff.

Anyway this isn't meant to be in his defense as he obviously was dirty - but then again in a round about way we all were - that's what we got paid for.

I remember at one of the meetings being asked in reference to the California years - if you could make a million dollars and all you had to do was go to jail for a year and you'd be able to keep it - would you do it? I don't remember a single person in that meeting answering "No".

So now it's 90 million instead of a million - it's still the same game only on a bigger playing field.

I miss many of my friends from those years. It's funny how much impact so many of them had on me - Thank God I've been out of sales since then and am even further away from NC than SanFran at this point.

Ok - just wanted to chime in with some nostalgia and tell the former employees to take responsibility for their actions - because if you didn't know something was up while you were there making your thousands of dollars a week - then you truly are a complete idiot.

12:49 AM  

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