Friday, January 26, 2007

VSTC making a push?

Sorry to all who read, and rely on, this blog. What with the ice storms, power failures and like, it's been difficult to pay attention to these scammers.

The link above is old Ed Ovsenik doing a "pay-for-play" audio ad with wall (The old wall street reporter did one with Gatelinx with Irving before). It's an interesting interview (notwithstanding the mispronounciation of Ed's name by the reporter or the clear attempts at scripted answers he gives)

Couple of notes...

1. First he tries to reaffirm that they (VSTC) bought technologies from "another company" (which is Vizual Corp) when in fact that is patently false. Vizual Corp was set up by Kelly Sparks, David Gust to BUY Gatelinx, not the other way around. No technology was ever transferred to Vizual Corp from Gatelinx, which means they (VSTC) couldn't buy the technology, this is LIE NUMBER 1.

2. They say they're coming out with a "beta" next week. Hmmmm.. we've heard this before. Interesting to see it. Since, as documented ad nauseum in this blog the hope for this technology (which did show promise 3 years ago) is LONG GONE.

3. He also says they have 2 new technologies "in the pipeline"... the first is a hard drive recovery tool. WOW. Thats a market no one has ever thought of. And a hardware based solution to help with bandwidth usage. Oh yeah, companies like.. oh.. F5, Cisco, radware, citrix, Nortel, Juniper and MANY MANY others haven't thought of that before. DANGEROUS COMMENT NUMBER 1 GAZILLION... you can't tell people you've got products coming as a publicly traded company without repurcussions when what you say is exposed as lies.

4. They're (under the guise of "laying the groundwork for growth" ... and implied success.. for the company in the futre) developing relaltionships with their developers and consultants. Hmmmm.. weren't there SEVERAL press releases about these consultants. They're just now starting to develop relaltionships?

LIE NUMBER 2. They never had any developers so starting relaltionships with Ivan Ivanov's merry band of bulgarians, the KA Parker model train crowd and the McKitrrick's of the world do not count.

5. "whats the advantage to your technology Ed?" Blah Blah Blah the value of face-to-face meeting value. Nope, never heard of that before either. WHAT A TOOL. You're right Ed, you can see all this. Including you in a bright orange jail jumpsuit.

6. $13.95 a month is the price point. FREE it won't matter cause it (the Gatelinx/GTXC/VSTC technology) won't work

7. Key executives.. "right now we're starting small" Ed, the lawyer who over time and disassociated themselvs from the "previous company" (AKA Gatelinx, Gatelinx Global, GTXC and related entities as part of the scam) Mark Brecher a "long history of deals and dealing with financial issues.. so he's been able to help "us" raise money" That's right.. raise money through the illegal promotion of the stock... They're currently negotiating with someone to be CFO and get their reports in line to be something above the level of a "pink sheet company" (despite previous announcements... all of which are documented and debunked here)

NO OTHER EXECUTIVES ARE REFERENCED. Hey Ivan, you're not part of the inside team anymore? Run to the US ATTORNEY, you're going to jail. They're selling you out

Overall this sounded like a really inarticulate and over simplified recasting of all the old gatelinx materials that sparks, irving and the others produced. Ed Ovsenik, throughout this whole "interview" cannot even explain consistently what the technology might have been able to do, the terms (technology "regime".. thats REGIMEN you dolt) and more.

LIES that are patently illegal "forward looking" statements

  • Beta test of their software next week. END OF MARCH to make it commercially available.
  • Later part of march an announcement of another beta test product
  • Likely announcements of "significant new customers for SQL Minds coming out" (who?, we all ask... does Ivan have more companies to use his stuff?)
  • Later part of the year multi-party users for the conferencing software

Last, and I won't blow the joy for you... listen to Ed's recomendations for investors. The technology is "out there".. and more. Call and ask questions.. e-mail him, increasing the amount of information on the web site which goes live this weekend. (can't wait) ITS CLASSIC AND PRICELESS and.. it'll be some of the final nails in the coffin for these scammers when they can't follow-through on any of it.

Next up, now that the lights are consistently back on here in the homestead... a review of why Ivan is going to jail, why the technology has no promise or opportunity at all (a hint, for FREE you can use apple's multi-party conferencing and it works like a charm with very little bandwidth requirements) and more

VSTC CONTINUES TO BE A SCAM, despit Ed Ovsenik's bumbling attempt at an interview. AND SQL MINDS is too. (still can't figure out why Ivan Ivanov wasn't included in the executive roster.. hmmmmm)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you remember the heady days before the Brady deal, this was the
market he was really interested in. I also remember Hagen, Sparks and Irving all being interested in this market.

Yet another market bites the dust.

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh dude, nice work again. I think you're right, They're selling out Ivan. If he's not listed in the interview, especially when Ed makes a big deal out of SQL Minds (and with Ivan being both the CTO of VSTC and CEO of SQL Minds)that's a sure sign something is up. Ivan, you're being set up dude.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have contacted Ms. Rittenhouse at WALLST.COM and her supervisors and forwarded the address of the site AND interview to Pinksheets and American Stock Exchange. ALL should forward to Ivan the address just in case he still doesn't get it. If you don't have Attorney's GET one now. ED is now finally opening a door to litigation through his statements as to SQL etc. I personally will call ED on this latest. I'm sure he will do the usual. Not take a call or hang up. Probably eat another couple dozen twinkies to boost his " Twinkies made me do it!" defense.

Richard Bennett

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ever notice how the fat guy on Lost looks like Derek Hagen? Maybe that fat devil's spawn and co-conspirator actually has a future in entertainment. Don't they have musical theater in prison? Him and his father (who's an "animal") can do guys an dolls. (extra bonus points for guess if they're gonna play the guys or the dolls)

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

COPY this. Just add your own names!
Anyone have ED's direct Email address? The site bounces it back!

Dear Sir/Madam;
Ms. Rittenhouse(sp?)

I am totally disgusted that your company lowers itself to the point that it will air an interview with a scammer and thief. Add to that a pathological liar. So when you sell air time that reaches the investor(s) pocketbook --as these perpetrators of scams continue to attempt to do--I would opine that your company, albeit a disclaimer is announced, would not participate "for love nor money"! The links below offers a much more honest and factual account of whom you choose to present to your public and paying audience (s).

I am forwarding this to Ole' ED. Hopefully he will sue me!! When he gets out of the slammer!! THIS TELLS IT AS IT REALLY IS!!


Richard Bennett

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ed, fuck tard. You said in your interview that your web site would be updated and up by the weekend. Hey bucko, it's Monday and it ain't up. Exgtx, this is the "Lie Number 1", especially since they can't even follow through on this. Hey Ivan (I'll call you fuck tard #2) can't you even do a web site for the company you're the CTO for?

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As prolific as I CERTAINLY can be, I love the newest from anonymous!!!!

Fuck-tard is simply mauugnificent!!


15 cents as of a few minutes ago. Could someone copy and paste my last to ED. I am sure he has me on his spam--shit--list. Ohhhhhh, am I sooooo lucky!!

Richard Bennett


Fuck-tard wusses!!! I love it!!

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whatever happened to DD?

1:50 PM  
Blogger DD said...

I'm here anonymous!!! Back last night "Monday" from being out of town, San Francisco.

GET THIS, we watched the movie in our hotel room " The butterfly effect 2". I kept telling my wife this IPO company that they use in this movie sounds just like Gatelinx/GTXC. It was like Gatelinx made the BIG SCREEN. One funny part of the movie was about an investor that wanted his $250,000 back because of stalled deadlines and run around lies. After having enough, the investor ended up killing the guy that sold him into this company. Not that great of a movie, but if anyone watches it, you will see the what I mean.

I can't get the one link address in your post to work. The "" one. Would like to see what that is.

Stock not liking this interview, it's drifting down after holding the .20cent price for weeks. Trying to make things right is going to be tough. The few shares I have left look to be turning into toilet paper.


3:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, did you listen to the end? "where can people go to get more information on the company?" (This is where he says about the web site beign redesigned) But the big thing is Ed directed peopel to, which is really funny because VSTC has been de-listed.

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sent a copy of my letter to Pinksheets for that very reason. That statement on it's own legs can and will be in front of a Jury! I believe Pinksheets will take/start an action on that one.

DD. The link is from EX-GTX Blog when he uncovered Ivan's application to Secretary of State.

6:59 AM  
Blogger DD said...

Thanks Richard!!!

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call Pinksheets and ask for Liz @
212-896-4400. She is aware of ED, VSTC and his B.S. COMPLAIN! COMPLAIN! COMPLAIN!!!!


8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ivan, Ed may have done you a favor by not mentioning you in his "interview" as part of the management team. Unless as suggested here (and as I think most of us 12 believe) he's setting you up.

I remember you asked once "why am I going to jail?" and "I'll talk to my lawyer" (or some other mangled bulgarian attempt at english)

You were/are the CTO of a public company that has lied, scammed, fraudulently pumped and dumped, been named in a federal plea bargain, made false claims, and more.

You, as an officer and as a board member are held responsible for the public statements and actions of the company. That's why you're going to jail, and why you should call the US Attorney and try and cut your sorry ass a deal.

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard Bennett, what kind doctor are you? Ass doctor? We have many specialities like you at home. I think you must be.

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoever you are, you coward, you even lash out at the Doctors "at home" who gave birth to you!! Anonymous spotted you also. Hmmmmmm. Fuck-turd can now be added to Fuck-tard! Could that then be someone like you who originated from anal sex? And obviously you still have your head up your ass. Are you looking for or do you see how you resemble father? Don't worry, you can narrow him down to North Carolina or Bermuda. Probably one of the "Gang". They are going to be real experienced soon "sticking it" to each other. Wow! "Taking it in the ass" has a whole new meaning!! Thanks!!

Richard Bennett

PS: Anyone call Pinksheets OR contact Stocklemon?

7:02 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Hey Richard, 2 words (with that horrible english) BULGARIAN. Now the only question is, was it Plamen or Ivan?

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


kinda like strategary

what an idiot

4:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to work for them and I was fired when I started to learn too much about the company, i.e tax, refunds, past history, ect. These people were horrible and Rick Stefanik wasn't any better. He took credit for everyone else's work and was the most arrogant person I have ever come across. I'm surprised he even got a settlement, his claims were more then likely made up. He once said, "I dropped out of college because I was smarter them the teachers". My God, he really does believe that.

2:30 PM  

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