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STUNNING NEWS, in a just unsealed warrant (that was issued in January of 07) details of the indictment and warrant for the arrest of David Hagen.

9 (NINE) felony counts (almost as many counts as VSTC, under the "leadership of Ed Ovsenik had attorneys if you remember the postings earlier on this blog) including...
  • 2 counts of money laundering
  • 2 counts of conspiracy
  • wire fraud
  • frauds and swindles
  • and more...
In the warrant submission, the US Attorney details efforts dating back to late 2004 and early 2005. They list the shell companies Hagen, Brecher, and others used to move shares in VSTC/Vision Technology Corp and launder money from the proceeds of the pump-and-dump stock scam. They list the banks and countries David Hagen used to move the money, Netherlands (Dutch) Antilles, Cyprus and banks in the Bahamas before landing in banks controlled by Hagen and a "CW" (Confidential Witness). It details the stock promtions, web sites and plans. AND, it lists transcripts of conversations recorded by the CW (with the help of the FBI) of conversations the CW had with David Hagen detailing actual actions (moving shares to and from Yadio, timing of moves, etc) the false press releases and more.

PLUS, in an amazing detail, they have documents signed by all the scammers that was faxed to the old Gatelinx main fax number in Southern Pines with handwritten notes as to who gets what and how much each gets, the price the shares should hit and more.

NOTE, the take was over $30MILLION. And David took out about 25% (or between $8MILLION and $10MILLION)
Note, in the story, the comments about false ID and documents and trying to buy diplomatic status from Mozambique and Namibia. LOTS more press efforts to follow!

First, it wasn't bad enough that the debacle of Andrea Hagen's wedding (Detailed here with help from schmoo son Derek Hagen's own words from his myspace page).

Then, that cockamamie lawsuit they filed against stocklemon.com (since renamed http://www.citronresearch.com/) where they claimed a $50million lawsuit as they ramped up the scam (November 15, 2006 http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=LVRJNV.story&STORY=/www/story/11-15-2005/0004216617&EDATE=Nov+15,+2005) that was SUMMARILY TOSSED OUT OF COURT (as the scam of GTX Global/GTXC/VSTC unraveled) ... May 27 (http://www.internetlibrary.com/cases/lib_case486.cfm) where "pursuant to California’s anti-SLAPP statute, Cal. Code Civ. Pro. Section 425.16, the court affirms the dismissal of plaintiff GTX Global Corp.’s (“GTX”) complaint, and awards defendant Andrew Left (“Left”) attorneys fees expended both in defending this suit and plaintiff’s appeal from the decision of the court below. "

That was bad, but then Annette Hagen is arrested for DUI (after crashing young Hagen's Hummer) and is sentenced on June 27
Annette Defusco-Hagen, driving while impaired, 60 days in jail, suspended, 24 months unsupervised probation, 24 hours of community service within 90 days and cost, comply with treatment order, $150 fine and court costs.

Then, in an amazing show of bravado and arrogance, David leaves the Bahamas on 9/26 and is promptly arrested in NY.
See the first 5 pages of how David got busted. He sent his luggage on ahead and the FBI, which was watching him in the Bahamas waited in NYC for him.

And, an image of the waiver of extradition. DAVID IS COMING HOME TO NORTH CAROLINA. Maybe he'll hook up with Howell Woltz, Vernice Woltz and Sam Currin (Already plead out GUILTY co-conspirators).

1. Where's Yoga babe Keri Keenan... er.. Mrs. David Hagen? Is she still in the Bahamas? (Maybe Chuck Manning will be going there to "do" this Mrs. Hagen... he already did the ex-Mrs. Hagen Annette DeFusco)
2. Why aren't Ed Ovsenik, Ivan Ivanov, Curtis Garth or Annette Hagen mentioned anywhere in the documents? The Fed's are coming for them. Hey Gretchen, watch the airports. Ivan is gonna run to Bulgaria and Annette loves Europe. Shouldn't ole Ed Ovsenik be worried. he did that pay-for-play deal with the wall street reporter, issued the false press releases and then (in a clear case of bankruptcy fraud) sold the assets of VSTC after David and Keri took anything of value, sold it or took it to the bahamas (see all the earlier posts here)
3. What do the kids (Derek and Andrea) think of dear ole dad going back to jail AND, taking their meal ticket with them? It's only a matter of time before they (the Fed's) seize the assets David has been hiding in his kids names.
BETTER YET, why muse on the question, why don't you just call them... and while you're at it, call Grandpa Roy too.

Andrea Hagen
PO Box1125
La Jolla, CA 92038-1125
(858) 454-1061
Roy E. Hagen
238 Gravilla St
La Jolla, CA 92037-6004
(858) 459-1143

Derek Hagen
211 Hillcrest Dr
Greensboro, NC 27403-1210
(336) 373-6333
The work is not done. David is gonna turn on anyone he can think of. All the people even loosely affiliated over the years with the GTXGlobal/VSTC stock scam, all the Yadio folks... Ed Ovsenik, Curtis Garth, Ivan Ivanov. Will he turn on his yoga babe wife Keri? Will he turn on Annette Hagen? What about David Brady? Who else gets added to the list of CONVICTED FELONS associated with the GTX Global/VSTC SCAM?
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. But I've been diligent in tracking the scammers and conversating with certain folks and agencies. DAVID HAGEN IS GOING TO JAIL.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, all of you of little faith, I have been watching also. EXGTX should tell most of you "do nothing whiners" to kiss his DICK...TRACY ass. PUN INTENDED!!

Richard Bennett

Way to go U.

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I'd pretty much given up on seeing this day come! Its really to the credit of everyone who kept pushing on this (Richard & EXGTX being at the top of that list, I think).


7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AS the CFO for 3 weeks during the GTX Global / Yadio (attempted) merger, I can tell you that you all have been correct but there are still so many little details still unpublished.
I worked for GTX/Dish TV as a sub-contractor for several months, attempting to consolidate the many little sub-companies that sold nothing, did nothing but still generated a cash flow.
The minor scams included the "Grey Ghost", "Defucio Designs" and "SMS Prayer" which all involved large for sums of funds not accounted for. Then there was perfectTV which existed for 8 months, had no sales and was sold to Gatelinx (the name at that tinme) for multi-million dollars. The money never wound up in any bank accounts - it was just numbers on a ledger which boosted David's share of ownership in Gattelinx.
Alex Webb was the financial equivalent of the legal scam-artist, Ed Ovsenik. He devised the plan which assisted the Hagens in avoiding tax responsibility.
This entire scam which involved so many people and so many fraudulent companies will never be totally unraveled. Whatever David is finally convicted of - it will only be a shadow of the full extent of his financial crimes.
I am so grateful to see his organization go down in flames.

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the winner for the most disgruntled employee goes to...

3:39 PM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

The post from the purported interim CFO is Robert Von Briesen.


And, detailed in the post "More Smoke and Mirrors from GTXC" Tuesday April 18, 2006.

If what he says is even close to true and not totally and singularly self serving, then ole ED OVERSNIK is in a heap of trouble.

Of course, a cynic might ask why did Von Briesen know all this stuff and not contact the authorities. Even interim-CFO's have a fiduciary responsibility and reporting responsibilities under Sarbannes Oxley.

Mr. Von Briesen follows in the long line of CFO's, including himself and Len Green (he of the Yadio debacle) ALL OF WHICH did NOTHING.

The fed's are either talking to Robert VonBriesen, or should be.

4:01 PM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

The press is finally catching up to this blog and all the efforts of its contributors.


4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, nice work. Check out the local TV station doing their first follow-up too.


7:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, how come VonBriesen didn't tell the feds what he knew back then? How much did get out of the deal? And, didn't Len Green have like 5% of the stock? (or was it Trent Martin?) Both of those guys (Martin and Green) were in the Yadio announcements. I think your posts before detailed this, no?

7:05 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

yes, you are correct. Len Green was the CFO/consultant (the press releases on this and Len's "position" contradicted each other, as usual, so who knows what he really was) that according to the filings owned "less than 5%" of the stock. How much less? who knows. But with 70million shares authorized that (approximate) 5% would be (approximate) 3.5 Million shares, and, at an average price of $5 worth $17.5 MILLION. I'm sure the SEC and FBI would like to know, a; did he really have the shares or, as another part of the scam was that a lie and b; if he did have the shares what happened to them.

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the winner for the most disgruntled employee goes to...

What does that mean? I hope you are referring positively to EX-GTX and keeping within the spirit of this whole endeavor. One, I remind you, that has been taken on at great expense, both financially AND emotionally, and tenaciously by EX-GTX. Re-read the crap from Ivan et.al, ALONG with the "Anonymous" cowardly mouths that continuously berated Ex-gtx.--and the others who saw through this myriad of scam(s) and fraud(s). In the words of Al Pachino and using my favorite word when thinking of all of those crooked Bastards.....FUCK YOU!! YOU are caught!!.
When I talked to "ole ED' last March--and McKittrick and Ivan-- letting them know that they had better straighten up or run and hide--he/they told me that I was nothing more than a "whiner"...I one-up you thiefs and liars, who I am sure still read the Blog, I said that we would get you, no matter what. Remember that ED? Ivan? McKittrick? Well, well, well, we have got you! And will get you AGAIN!!!

Hey DD, where are you??

Richard Bennett

PS: Stop that grinning U!

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHY was hagen returning to NY?

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Richard-

There are alot of others out there that have done much more than you to bring down the Hagens, going much further back than when you were stupid enough to get ripped off by them. Just because you didn't do a basic internet search before making an investment, doesn't give you the right to continually blast those who are smart enough to keep their mouths shut on public message boards.

Good Job -
EX-GTX and good job to all the others that work behind the scenes.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey ExGTX, how come you're leting Ovsenik off the hook? Why not tell people how to get in contact with him?

Ovsenik, Edward C & Nancy
10605 Old Pine Ct
Raleigh, NC 27613-6310
(919) 847-8856

Comeon all you fuckers, call Ed up and ask him what he thinks fo David getting arrested and where is all the money he helped steal.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To little to late, you coward. Sucking up now without identifying yourself is just what I'm talking about. YOU probably didn't do SHIT big mouth. And an internet search a year and a half ago produced the lies that are uncovered now. So, let me ask: Why are you here then if YOU didn't take some sort of loss, Bozo? OH, the LONE RANGER? Better than that...LONE STRANGER!! Keeping your mouth shut is why this got to where it did. Did you go to the Courthouse hearings? Did you chase anthing worthwhile? How many phone calls did YOU make you worthless late charging shit? You credit seeking lake coming jerk. WE ALL KNOW YOUR TYPE. AND! I take no credit. It was EXGTX who lived this. But Miss Anony....mouse..Crawl back into your rathole. OR, be a man-if you are- and pull your mask off!!

Richard Bennett.
Yaa, I have a name! AND an address.

What about this "guy" Carl?

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about this "guy" Carl?

What about me?

I have given pretty detailed information about my position at Gatelinx, and I have also expressed the reasons why I choose to remain anonymous.

I did not contact any law enforcement officials because I had no first hand knowledge of what occurred. Lots of rumor an innuendo -- most of it from this site, and I'd assumed that Ex-GTX was already talking. But I had nothing that a lawyer could make something out of.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO NO NO! Carl, I was refering to the writer of the "undercover" post. Notyou. I know that you did all that you could. When I was in North Carolina I saw a lot of the file. and when I went to the "office" both in NC and VEGAS I saw a lot more. I filed a report with the Bankruptcy Trustee AND the Clerk and reported the Trustee who knew a lot of the goings on but did diddley except make excuses. And don't forget, all of the losses now have a different complexion since the arrest. The tax benefit will be there and Civil action is still an option for those who wish to go that direction. There is still the "employee wages" issue. If the Feds get a hand on ANY assets,as in off-shore cash, the employee losses are still top priority.

Sorry again Carl.


7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DD here!

Goes to show ya that David thought he was just TOO GOOD to be caught. His arrogance is what put him in cuffs. Returning to the STATES, OPPS!

Glad EXGTX opened this blog and (even though I lost 1000's) saved me 1000's by not believing MR Ed and Ivan, but EXGTX. Can't believe the stock is still trading. THE SCAM STILL IS LIVING! That is sick.

Richard, hope you get something for your loss, you have also put A LOT of time into this also. Maybe then we can finally have that drink to celebrate. You can bring your DON PERIGON, I'll bring my BOONZFARM!!!

Looking forward to more updates!


5:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO NO NO! Carl, I was refering to the writer of the "undercover" post. Notyou.

Oops, my bad. I apologize for overreacting. Things are crazy for me right now, and I didn't read with as much attention as I probably should have.


5:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only "credit seeking" I see here is you Richard. One can't really seek attention and remain anonymous.

This got to where it did because of a lack of action of law enforcement and the impotence of the NC Attorney General.

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Does anyone know why Hagen was returning to the states?

8:21 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Nope. No one knows. We can hope it was for treatment of prostate cancer, although I suspect he'll be getting "treatments" in federal detention soon enough.

My guess is this is just the latest example of David's hubris. Simple as that. He is an arrogant and conceited mother fucker. Always thought he was above the law.

Althought I'd like to know "what the fuck were you thinking?" from David, we may never know. And, given his track record with the "facts" and his stories, whatever he might tell us probably won't be the truth anyway.

Suffice to say it's enough that the dumb fuck did come back to NY and that his ass will be in jail soon. And hopefully soon all his co-conspirators.. Ed Ovsenik, Ivan Ivanov, Mark Brecher, Curtis Garth, Keri Keenan, Annette Hagen and the rest of them in jail too.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello all of you that matter. I will explain, for the "new voice" who has suddenly appeared and waves the flag of a "force unknown" that did much to take down the Hagens but yet wave the flag of bullshit.

When anyone of Law Enforcement and/or regulatory position looks at a Blog that has had so much action in matters such as this one, they can only give little or no credibility as the information is "anonymous". EXGTX is very well known to those that matter. The AG's etc. But he is the voice/editor of the Blog. I decided to lend as much credibility to this site as possible. Not for credt nor glory, but someone who was/is immediately reachable and a victim of the scam(s) and who has first hand information that was/could be verified and then validated. Not just a complaining "anonymous" but a real and immediate contact! And believe me, I was contacted by many. Law AND the scammers. The Law to get investinment information and the fuck heads in the scam. Neither one which could shake me off or out of this pursuit to make this as right as could be made right. The Law prevailed as I was unshakable. The scammers id not because I am not a coward nor can I be intimidated. Typical blowhards who live in places--ratholes--when the day of reconing is near. Kinda like you, asshole, who takes shots at me. ( Probably Ed's broken hearted Butt Boy!) Hey, I like that. I recall when I once voiced a similar opinion, I hurt someone's feelings!! Got a similar response from "anonymous" then also. So, as you are the only one attached to the matter of whether ANYONE gets or wants "credit" myyyyy famous woorrrds!!FUCK YOU!! COWARD!!

Richard Bennett MD PhD
AND one pissed off investor!!

Hey Doug. Getta outta da Boonzfarm vino. We a be celebrating!!

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anybody do a recent linkedin search on Curtis Garth? Check it out. SMS Prayer as the CEO (what a scammer, go back to selling cars fucktard)

But the cool thing is I think I found the "CW." KEITH DIGGS. He's listed as the COO of SMS Prayer. Now everyone knows this was a David/Keri SCAM from day one. But this Keith Diggs is a new name. He's listed as "management consulting" for his industry, so maybe, just maybe, he's the "CW." Apparently, in a google search, he's a former Emory university swimmer from 2005. Awful young to be a COO. Of course, he didn't ever really do anything over there at SMS Prayer, except collect a pay check and help in the scam.

Are the feds talking to him? ExGTX, help us out here. Who's this new guy? Did you know about him?

8:53 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

No, I didn't know Keith Diggs. Someone should call him and ask what his involvement in the scam was. My bad.

Keith Diggs (910) 610-4431 or (910) 610-4334
8420 Mcleod Rd, Laurinburg, NC 28352

Apparently, he's all into the worship thing. http://www.zoominfo.com/search/PersonDetail.aspx?PersonID=608565413

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CAREFUL!! I called and spoke with Pastor Diggs son. He is 16 years old and told me that his Father is no longer involved in SMS Prayer. I don't think that he knows what that is. And there is/are MANY SMS Prayer links. I left my phone# and will hope to hear from Pastor Diggs.

Richard Bennett

11:31 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Thanks Richard. I mean no disrepect by implication or inference to Pastor Diggs. The comment from whomever/anonymous cites certain public records, but I personally was unaware of Pastor Digg's presence or involvement with David Hagen. You'd think I'd have seen Diggs' name before, no?

This is, perhaps, an unfortunate case of sullying someone's name by tangential association with David Hagen, Keri Keenan, Curtis Garth, et al. If, and when, you speak with Mr Diggs, if he knows anything about the Hagen's we'd all love to hear about it. I apologize to Pastor Diggs if any errors in the comments (posted by others) cause any issues for him.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So is there any word on a date for the arraignment? Given that this happened about 3 weeks ago, I can't imagine that Hagen's lawyers haven't demanded a hearing. Anyway we can let the court know that Hagen is a serious flight risk?

It would be great if we could get someone in the courtroom during the initial hearings to get a fly on the wall's view.

4:25 AM  
Anonymous John said...

I used to work at Gatelinx. I don't doubt that Dave will throw names of anyone and everyone (sales managers, CSR manager, anyone) that happened to be working at the company.

I don't doubt that I'll get a subpoena in the mail or something in the coming months. :p

I'm sure alot of good people are going to get screwed just because they were doing a job for the wrong guy.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I would like to know is: How, after all the consentual monitorings with IRS-CID, from Oct 2001 to May 2003 with David, Annette, Trey, and finally Rick Graves: (that I had to review as the primary informant in the Rick Graves trial), could Graves have escaped prosecution?
Was the jury asleep? He is laughing all the way to the bank and he can't be retried. We did an impeccable job in the case construction from the beginning to the entrance of the UCs for the meeting in the Bahamas. I commend all of the CID agents involved, both overt and covert. They were extremely careful to follow every rule as the case grew to the Sam Currin's involvement. We are lucky to have these guys who pursue the Hagens and the like. BUT it winds up in the hands of a dozen citizens who, for some reason didn't see the whole picture, especially in the Rick Graves trial. We need Annette to call the U.S. Attorney post haste.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the link - between Annette Hagen - Chuck Manning & Chris Wedgwood in France ? would it be a firm called core research technology or Vizcom Ltd? Annette and chuck stayed in France with Chris & Beverly Wedgwood...Chris died owing more than 5.5million usd - to investors.... Any pointers please

12:35 AM  

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